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“A change of heart changes everything.” — HeartMath

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EVER WALK INTO A ROOM and sense that something is off?  Or that some people just feel good to be around? Science can explain why. 

We are electrical beings.  Every time the heart beats, it produces electricity.  Whenever electricity is produced a magnetic field is created.  Of all our organs, the heart is the largest source of electromagnetic energy in the body.  Its field can be measured with sensitive instruments up to three feet away, and it bathes every cell of the body.

Your heart sends powerful signals to all parts of your body, most importantly to the brain.  How?  Through the heart rhythm signal sent from the heart to the brain.  The pattern of the heart’s rhythm—a key indicator of your inner state—is impacted by how you feel.  When you are stressed, your heart broadcasts a chaotic signal to the rest of the body; when you are in balance it sends a synchronized, coherent signal.  

HeartMath® is a system of self-management tools that help you use the power of your heart rhythm to shift from stress to balance, so you can feel and perform at your best.  It offers quick, scientifically validated techniques that can be used on-the-spot to take charge of how you feel.  You will learn to use the HeartMath Inner Balance™ app to get real-time feedback on your heart rhythm patterns, so you can make the shift to keep your “inner battery” charged.  Feeling at ease and focused, you are able to enjoy life and be more productive and resilient to whatever life brings your way.  

I wanted to explore HeartMath tools during a recent time of high stress in my life: the terminal illness of a family member. My heart was racing and anxiety was constantly washing over me. I needed a way to “bring myself down” to a calmer level. In our four over-the-phone sessions, Louisa introduced me to HeartMath’s Inner Balance app and showed me how using it could help me strengthen my natural resiliency. What I liked most was Louisa’s ability to listen and then to help me make sense of all my feelings and thoughts—making connections I never had thought of, drawing them together in a way that lightened my present stress and moved me forward with new hope for the future. She always respected and supported my own ability to use the Inner Balance technology in ways that I chose to meet my own goals. What a gift that was!
— Minister

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“Everything is energy.” — Albert Einstein

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IF EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, then so are thoughts and feelings.  Energy Psychology works at the energetic level to help you clear emotional patterns, belief systems, and habits that no longer serve you.  Energy Psychology techniques address the energetic imbalances that may underlie distressing emotions, thoughts and behaviors. 

Energy Psychology techniques can be a great complement to both energy healing and HeartMath sessions for greater well-being, resiliency, and peak performance.  You will experience a variety of easy-to-learn Energy Psychology modalities, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as “tapping.”  Continuing to use these quick and effective protocols at home will help you further address any emotional and mental issues of concern.

Louisa has the magic touch to take me from a feeling of anxiousness or concern to a feeling of calmness and acceptance. She has been my spiritual guide for many years. When my heart is hurting or my thoughts are holding me back from life, Louisa is the first person I think of to guide me through it. She has the ability to use her gifts of energy healing to help me and others lessen the pain within our hearts and balance our energy toward happiness.
— Self-confidence coach & founder of professional development non-profit