Please wear comfortable clothing to the session.  You will lie on a massage table and remain fully clothed except for your shoes.  Also you will need to set aside your cell phone, watch, belt, and any large jewelry.

In an energy medicine session I will work with your body’s energies in a non-invasive way both on and off your body, such as connecting, tapping and massaging acupressure points, tracing meridian pathways, and swirling energy in Figure 8 and spiral patterns.

Most sessions start with a brief discussion of what body/mind concerns you’d like to address and an assessment of your energies in general.  I’ll then do a quick overall energy balance followed by more specific work on energy systems involved in your condition.  We’ll end by going over targeted energy exercises for you to do at home to support and further your healing.

Most people experience deep relaxation during the session and leave feeling calm and refreshed.  I welcome hearing about whatever experiences you are comfortable sharing with me.

Sessions Offered

  • Eden Energy Medicine sessions: 1.5 hours
  • Reconnective Healing sessions: 45 minutes
  • Reiki sessions: 45 minutes
  • Quick Energy Balance/Relaxation sessions: 30 minutes


These are coaching sessions in which we will be sitting together – using HeartMath® tools and technology and/or Energy Psychology techniques to help you manage stress and address thoughts, feelings and behaviors you would like to change.

HeartMath Sessions Offered

  • HeartMath Introductory Session: 1.5 hour 
  • HeartMath Follow-up Sessions: 1 hour 
  • HeartMath “Building Personal Resilience™ Program”:  Series of four 1-hour sessions

Energy Psychology Sessions Offered

  • Introduction to Energy Tapping Session: 1.5-hour session on using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
  • Energy Psychology Follow-up Sessions: 1-hour sessions using EFT and other Energy Psychology tools.

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